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Support journalism in your local community and enjoy sponsor-free listening for all available NPR+ podcasts as well as bonus episodes from select shows.

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What podcasts are currently available with NPR+?

Many of NPR's most popular podcasts are included, like Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!+, The NPR Politics Podcast+, Planet Money+, and more. See for the (always growing) full list of shows.

Wait... Do I have to pay to listen to these NPR podcasts now?

No! NPR podcasts will remain free (but will include inserted sponsorship messages).

All NPR+ versions of these podcasts offer sponsor-free listening (which removes the automatically inserted sponsor-breaks wherever possible), and a select number of them also offer bonus content.

I already have a recurring donation to my local public radio station. Do I get NPR+ podcasts automatically?

Existing donors to some participating NPR+ stations can now get access to the bundle as a thank you gift for supporting public broadcasting, but not always automatically, and not for every station.

Receiving the NPR+ bundle as a station donor requires a minimum donation of $8/month or $96/year, but please note that this gift is only available to donors of some of the participating NPR+ stations listed here. Some stations on this list, while they do participate in NPR+, are not yet able to offer NPR+ to existing donors. We appreciate your patience as we work to make this possible.

To inquire about access as an existing donor, please reach out directly to your member station for more information. You can find your local station’s website here.

How do I listen to a podcast's sponsor-free feed?

Once you've signed up, you'll see a page with instructions for setting up your feed(s) in your podcast app of choice. The process is very simple, and you can always access instructions by signing in and navigating to the Account page (link at the top of this page), then selecting Podcasts in the menu on the top left.

I need some help! Who should I contact?

Visit and follow the prompts to write us a message.